Covering a culturally comprehensive world — on deadline.

Journalist, travel correspondent and contributing author      
Amanda C. Gregg has covered the gamut of writing from features to breaking and hard-hitting news. Whether it's painting an accurate picture for the wanderlust-plagued or succinctly summarizing a newsworthy scoop, she knows deadline time means clean, concise copy that's publication-ready.

Amanda C. Gregg is a published author and freelance journalist and columnist. The former Assistant Editor and Staff Writer for the daily Garden Island 
 Newspaper on Kaua'i, she made a name for herself scooping the bigger
publications with articles on events such as the Ka Loko dam breach and the John Elwin murder case
(picked up by America's Most Wanted and 
Gregg got her newswriting start at the Daily Camera in Colorado after earning her master's degree in journalism at CU-Boulder. She is the 'Hawai'i Insider' for Travel MSN and the Lonely Planet Author for current Kaua'i and Hawai'i editions. 
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